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Born in Caceres city where he began his musical studies. He has taught guitar and chamber music from the Conservatory of Plasencia and Almendralejo, and is now a permanent professor at the Conservatory of Cáceres.

Since ‘97 is a long standing professor at the University of Extremadura in the Didactic Department in the Music Expression, Evocative and Body Language of the Faculty of Teacher Training. He has done courses with masters such as David Russell, Gerardo Arriaga, Ricardo Gallén, Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey, Carles Trepat, Juan Carlos Rivera, etc ... Apart from the guitar is a stringed pulsed instrument player of the Renaissance and Baroque as: vihuela, theorbo, Renaissance lute and Baroque guitar.

As a soloist he has given numerous concerts throughout the country, Britain, Portugal and France, and he is regularly invited to offer courses in Conservatories and Music Schools. He is a Chairman of the Association of Classical Guitar from Extremadura "Angel Iglesias" with whom he has done a major research and dissemination of classical guitar, its players, its repertoire and contemporary composition for this instrument. He is Director of the International Classical Guitar Reunion “Norba Caesarina" in Cáceres being one of the most renowned festivals in Spain. Carries out co-management and professor works of International Classical Guitar Master who has been performing at the University of Extremadura and it is on the fourth edition.

With soprano Maria Eugenia Boix, Orpheo Duo form since 2004. They've done recitals throughout the Spanish geography, Portugal, Germany, UK and France. He has collaborated with numerous chamber ensembles both ancient music as classical guitar repertoire: Quinta Pars, and Ensemble Fontegara y Música Fidta, etc ... As a researcher of the guitar repertoire, his performers and his sources, in 2007 he published a book for the “Excma Diputación Provincial de Badajoz" on the figure of an exceptional guitarist Angel Iglesias result of research that the Association of Extremadura rescued its music, life and work of the most absolute of forgetfulness.


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