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Born in Torrejoncillo (Cáceres, Spain) in 1978 , he began to study guitar with Professor Javier Rodríguez and continued in Cáceres with Professor Luis Manuel Moreno, earning the Professional Guitar Degree in 2002 at the "Hermanos Berzosa" Professional Conservatory of Music of that city. In parallel he graduated in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at the University of Extremadura. He has completed higher studies under the direction of Hugo Geller (Salamanca) and Erik Stenstadvold (Oslo, Norway).

Between 2005 and 2011 he works as a guitar teacher at the Almendralejo Conservatory, creating and coordinating the international COMENIUS program of the "Classical Music in Europe" between the countries of Hungary, Portugal and Spain.

During the years 2005 and 2006 he made the Master in "Musical Interpretation. Classical Guitar" with maestro Ricardo Gallén at the University of Extremadura, developing the research work "Guitar Studying Techniques ". Since then he has been interested in musicological research, learning from masters such as Julio Gimeno, Luis Briso from Montiano, Matanya Ophee and especially Erik Stenstadvold from whom he usually receives advice in this field. He has given conferences in Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Norway, England and Spain on history and pedagogy of the guitar, highlighting the International Guitar Festival "Norba Caesarina" (Cáceres, Spain), the meeting of musicologists "Konstanz Meeting" (Austria) or his intervention in "The Consortium for Guitar Research" (Cambridge, England).

He has been professor of History of the Guitar in the III Master of Guitar of Ricardo Gallén in the university of Extremadura directing and evaluating works of End of Master and has coordinated the preparation of the agenda of oppositions of some guitarists.

Since 2017 he is a member of "The Cohort for Guitar Research" of Cambridge (England) created for young researchers in the field of classic guitar musicology.

He currently teaches classical guitar at the Conservatory of Cáceres (Spain).

Guitarist recognitions

  • 1st prize in the contest "Young performers of Extremadura" (Almendralejo, 2001).
  • Musical scholarship of the Caja Badajoz Foundation (2002, 2005).
  • Scholarship "Young Creators" of the Antonio Gala Foundation. (Córdoba, 2003-04)
  • Grant of the Board of Extremadura for "Improvement of musical studies" (2003).
  • Scholarship "The Research Council of Norway" (Oslo, 2004-05).


  • "Cuando digo futuro" (2004, Antonio Gala Foundation). Turina music, Brouwer, own compositions and collaborations with other artists.

Selected articles

  • "New ideas about Planting". Soundboard Volume XXXIV, No. 3, 2008. ISSN 0145-6237.
  • "L'insegnamento dei Passaggi Détaché nei Metodi Pubblicati tra il 1750 e il 1850". Il fronimo, No. 158, 2012. ISBN "..."
  • "Discussion entre les carulistes et les molinistes". Conference given for the Consortium for Guitar Research of Cambridge in Sydney Sussex College (UK). March 2017. Not published.
  • "The Guitarist behind the Guitaromanie: Charles de Marescot (d.1842)". Soundboard Scholar, No. 4, 2018. ISSN 2380-2235.

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