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Profesional degree in Guitar (2000) and B.Sc. in Physical Education (2001) in Extremadura University. He won firts prize in “Young Performers Extremadura Competition” (2001) and he was awarded with The Caja Badajoz Scholarship and “The Creative Artist Award” in Antonio Gala Foundation. Master Degree in Guitar by the Extremadura University (2008) with Ricardo Gallén carrying out a research named An Aproach to Guitar techniques on the study. In April of 2004 appeared his CD entitled “Cuando digo futuro” where he made recordings of Joaquin Turina, Leo Brouwer and compositions by himself, and collaborations with other artists.

In April 2004 the Research Council of Norway granted him to study at the Norwegian Academy of Music with professor Erik Stenstadvold. He has been teaching guitar at the Almendralejo Conservatory (Badajoz, Spain) between 2005 and 2011 and nowadays he is doing it in Cáceres.

An Article entitled “New Ideas about planting” appeared in 2008 on the well-known Soundboard Magazine on the pedagogic section, and in 2012 his article “L’insegnamento dei Passaggi Détaché nei Metodi Pubblicati tra il 1750 e il 1850” in the italian review Il Fronimo where he carries out a research in more that 200 guitar methods published between 1750 and 1850.

He has given lectures about history and pedagogy of the guitar in Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway or Spain.


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