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The Extremadura Classical Guitar Asociation “Ángel Iglesias”, has been working since 2004 in favor of music and culture in Extremadura through different guitar proyects.

Its main proyect is the "Norba Caesarina" Guitar Festival that takes place once a year in the city of Cáceres (Spain) and its 8th edion was already in December 2012. This Festival is one of the most inportant festivals held in Spain not just because of the well-known teachers but the important prizes offered to the contestants, concerts and lectures

Another important proyect was the Composition Festival for Guitar that took twice in the city of Badajoz, which final result with a book with the award-winners pieces and a cd with all of them has been recentry released.

During the last six years some members of our association have been giving didactic concerts all around Extremadura showing the classical guitar repertoire. More than 100 concerts have been done in this field, and people all around Extremadura have enjoyed listening not only clasical guitar music, but vihuela, luth and barroque guitar music, and the figure of Ángel Iglesias is already quite known here.

The composer Joaquín Clerch has done a Guitar Concert in the name of the city of Cáceres with the name “Concierto de Cáceres” whose premier was done by the Guitarrist Ricardo Gallén and the Extremadura Orchestra and recentry has been recorded in La Habana (Cuba).

Research has taken also a very important role in our association and important publications have appeared such as the biography of Ángel Iglesias with a book dedicated to him by Jacinto Sáncjez and Fernando Bermejo, and some major reseach in the pedagogic field such as the articles "Some Ideas about Planting" appeadred in Soundboard (USA) and "L’insegnamento dei Passaggi Détaché nei Metodi Pubblicati tra il 1750 e il 1850" in Il Fronimo (Italy) by Damián Martín

Besides, our association has had a wide article in the famous guitar review Classical Guitar Magazine.

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