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AGUICEX Festivals

The main and most important guitar festival that our assotiaion carries out is the ¨Norba Caesarina" International Guitar Festival that takes place in the city of Cáceres since 2004. From the begining it had a great acceptance by the city and above all by the whole Spanish Guitar Comunity that makes our association fight hard to keep the festival one year after another.

Another importan guitar festival that happend twice in our history was the Spanish-Portuguese Composition Guitar Festival. AGUICEX suportted this festival in favor of the composition world and a book made with all awarded pieces was done and recently has been published.

Our newest comitmment is The Junior International Guitar Festival "Ángel Iglesias" specially created for students between the age of 6 or less and the age of 21 with three different categories whose first edition took place in 2012 and it had a huge success all around Spain. In 2013 we open this festival to students all around the world with amazing prizes and experiences.


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